Welcome to the Online Academy for non-technological innovations which was created within ‘Improving competitiveness of SMEs in the cross-border region by enhancing and promoting non-technological innovations’ project (InnoFoster). The Academy contains 6 (six) interactive e-learning modules available in three languages – Bulgarian, Macedonian and English.

Many companies are afraid of the term ‘innovations’ and accept innovations as something ‘too complicated’, ‘something which is not for us’, or ‘we are too small to innovate’. However, innovations can be both technological and non-technological.

Non-technological innovations like marketing and organizational innovations are quite easy to introduce into a small enterprise – through easy-to-follow advices, directions and practical examples.

The main purpose of the Online Academy for non-technological innovations is to improve the knowledge and awareness of business representatives about the types of non-technological innovations and their basic advantages.

For that purpose we have prepared interesting and interactive modules for self-training with various examples from practice, useful advices, self-assessment questions as well as many additional resources which will help you make the first steps in introducing non-technological innovations in your company.