Innovation is the process of implementation of a new idea which generates value for the organization. This idea could be realized in many and different ways – creating a new service, a system, or a process, or improving the existing ones. Innovations could also refer to the termination of an ineffective or outdated service, system, or a process. You will also learn more about the following:

• What is innovation and which are the main types of innovations?

• What is organizational innovation and which are its characteristics?

• Examples of organizational innovations?

• Advantages of organizational innovations.

• Which are the factors which influence organizational innovations?

If you want to make your organization more innovative, you should establish a corporative culture fostering innovation. First, you have to make sure all your staff understands innovations the same way. What is considered innovation and what not? What are the successful innovation criteria? In this short learning module you will also find out more abot the following key topics when aiming to establish a pro-innovation environment at your company:

• How to establish innovation culture at your organization?

• Examples of companies which have succeeded in establishing innovation culture?

• How to incite the creativity of your staff?

• How to choose the best innovative idea?

The process innovation management has become an important part of the activity of many companies. However, you need to pass through several stages of innovation idea development to make it successful. You are going to get to know them in the upcoming slides. Additional topics that are explored include:

• What is the process of innovation management?

• Which are the good practices in innovation management?

• What is the role of the leader in the innovation process management?

• How to create and manage a successful innovation team?

• Which are the ways to finance innovation ideas?

Marketing includes all activities that make people choose your product instead of your competitors’ one. If you want to achieve this, you have to choose the proper marketing method and compose a powerful marketing message. This message must convince the client not only to pick your product, but also to continue using it in future. In addition we will explore topics like:

• What is marketing? What is its initial goal? Why do you need marketing?

• What is a marketing mix?

• How to establish innovations in the separate elements of the marketing mix?

• What makes service marketing different from product marketing?

For many years branding was understood as the name, slogan, symbol, or design of an organization or a combination of these elements as they identify the products/ elements. Today, the brand is something much more complicated and even more important in the world of marketing. In this brief e-learning module we will try to explain better the followng key topics:

• What is a brand and which are its main levels?

• Which are the main purposes of a brand?

• Which are the main principles of innovative branding?

• How to add passion to your brand?

Nowadays, people spent huge amounts of their time online. They seek information in the Internet, make researches and purchases – all of those make offline marketing less effective. The term ‘digital marketing’ comprises of all efforts that a business puts in the promotion of its brand in the Internet. The following short online introduction will present the following topics:

• What content marketing?

• What content should you create in accordance with your target auditory and the stage of decision-making you are at?

• How to create innovations in the field of content marketing?

• Examples of content marketing innovation.